Lack of interest in Starforum

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Lack of interest in Starforum

Postby Malcolm Short » Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:16 am

There have been about 30 posts on Starforum in the last four four months. Of these, I think 29 have come from Ian (n4sir) in the way of some great tasting notes. Other than that, bugger all. Why is that? Starforum used to be vibrant, with lots of good discussion, but it seems to have really dropped off in the last six months or more. Other forums such as Auswine or even paid sites like Redbigot are getting far more traffic.

Then again, even this post could be a case of .. "if no-one in the vineyard hears you post, does it really happen?"

People ... your views?
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Re: Lack of interest in Starforum

Postby n4sir » Mon Jul 04, 2016 12:03 am

I think interest had been fading for a while since a lot of the regulars began posting on twitter and other social media. At one stage the site was down and I asked Bert what was going on, and I think he said there may be some kind of upgrade coming sometime in the future.

Site bugs have to be a big deterrent - each time I log in, preview or post using Firefox as my browser, the page comes up with an error screen. Being the stubborn bugger I am I persist with posting, but I can see how this together with the lack of general activity would put other people off.
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