NEW: Wine conditions in France this year - near perfect

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NEW: Wine conditions in France this year - near perfect

Postby StarNews » Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:48 am

Wine conditions in France this year "near perfect, even idyllic" say many growers
Henry Samuel for The Telegraph
12 Aug 2015

Hot and dry conditions that French farmers bemoan have been a boon to its vineyards amid hopes that 2015 will respect the "rule of fives" that has made every year ending in zero and five since 1985 a winning vintage. It is currently heading for a “near perfect, even idyllic” grape harvest, growers in many areas are predicting, with hot and dry weather keeping grape rot at bay and ensuring excellent maturity.

While French farmers are complaining bitterly of drought and an overly dry summer affecting almost three quarters of France’s regions, grape vines have been in many places happily soaking up the sun. ... owers.html
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