NEWS: Marijuana-infused Wine

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NEWS: Marijuana-infused Wine

Postby StarNews » Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:42 am

Marijuana-infused Wine: Cannabis Adds Flavor, Structure to Wine
ANI for The New Indian Express
03rd September 2015

NEW YORK: Marijuana-infused wine is the latest craze in wine-making, and it also adds flavor and structure to wines.

Carl Ruck of Boston University has said that fortifying herbal additives to wine has been documented by archaeological evidence.

Ruck explained that there were a few Bronx agers who were thought to have used pot-wine as a shortcut to fun, Vinepair reported.

He said that cannabis would be one of the less dangerous additives entries in the wine fortification market, and added that evidence for the additives came from folkloric traditions and the practice was apparently often employed in the making of home brews.

Marijuana wine is available and legal in America, and probably will become increasingly so in the years to come. ... 008573.ece
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