ARTICLE: Sniff, swirl, taste - and swallow?

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ARTICLE: Sniff, swirl, taste - and swallow?

Postby StarNews » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:40 am

Sniff, swirl, taste - and swallow? My dummies guide to wine-tasting
Lainie Anderson for Sunday Mail
October 3, 2015

I always wanted to marry a South Australian winemaker but I settled for the next best thing: drinking an awful lot of SA wine.

I could have bought a winery (and the winemaker, come to think of it) with the cash I’ve invested, yet I know surprisingly little about what makes a good drop.

So when I received an invitation to a judging workshop as part of this week’s Royal Adelaide Wine Show, I jumped at the chance to hone my craft.

If anyone can take the wank out of wine, it’s fellow Sunday Mail columnist Nick Ryan, who’s also a wine writer and wine show judge.

He says we shouldn’t be deterred if we can’t “talk” wine.

Wine writers get paid by the word, he says, so it’s in their interests to wax lyrical about stuff like “floral influences” and “chocolate undertones”. ... 7e01045cb8
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