NEWS: Weed-infused wine to solve all your problems

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NEWS: Weed-infused wine to solve all your problems

Postby StarNews » Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:34 am

Coming soon: Weed-infused wine to solve all your problems
Dan Wighton for Techly
12 October 2015

With the rush to legalise cannabis sweeping through much of the United States, new possibilities have opened up for the plant of 50,000 uses.

Anyone who has visited a weed shop in the US would have seen the myriad of possibilities – weed caramel, weed brownie, weed lollies, weed condoms – but legalisation has led to a brand new product: Weed wine.

Weed wine – which is how I would describe the smell of that guy sleeping at my bus station – has been described as the “latest craze” by a number of online wine publications.

Apparently winemakers in California have been making it for decades on the sly, but only now – with legalisation – can it be widely enjoyed.

Even singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge is a fan, and has appointed herself to the role of spokesperson for the weed-wine industry. ... -problems/
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