ARTICLE: 7 wine rules that you should break

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ARTICLE: 7 wine rules that you should break

Postby StarNews » Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:40 am

7 wine rules that you should break
Pete Spande for Business Insider
30 October 2015

Wine scares people off. It can make people feel stupid, or at least very self-conscious. And the perceived lack of wine knowledge is a prime cause of people avoiding something they enjoy when in public. I hate how many in the wine world reinforce the sense that wine appreciation is something for the chosen few. Wine is supposed to be fun. So, in that spirit let me dismiss a number of “rules” that make people feel self-conscious and shouldn’t. Many a movie and TV program poke fun at the ritual of ordering wine at a restaurant (though none as well as Steve Martin’s “The Jerk”) and reinforce the myth that wine is something to be studied before you can enjoy. Nonsense. ... ak-2015-10
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