ARTICLE: Why it's time for wine w**kers and the industry...

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ARTICLE: Why it's time for wine w**kers and the industry...

Postby StarNews » Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:24 pm

Why it's time for wine w**kers and the industry to get over themselves
Maxwell Winchester, Damien Wilson for Business Insider
November 4 2015

Barnyardy. Herbacious. Unctuous. Chewy. Hedonistic. Ponderous. Shallow. Backward.
The wine industry has been using evocative descriptors to characterise the taste and aroma of its products for generations. But how does the industry justify such precise language to describe such a subjective experience?

Especially given empirical research, which has demonstrated that the average consumer struggles to recognise descriptions of the wine that experts identify on the label, it is likely the wine industry alienates consumers more than it attracts them.

Furthermore, although wine experts use a larger vocabulary to describe wine, and discriminate between two wines more effectively than novices, a body of evidence suggests that wine expertise is a questionable label with respect to the degree of rating variability in wine judging. ... es-2015-11
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