NEWS: Penfolds rip out half of the Magill Estate vines

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NEWS: Penfolds rip out half of the Magill Estate vines

Postby n4sir » Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:37 pm

Penfolds winery seeing red
7news Adelaide
Deanna Williams reports.
June 13, 6:59 pm

Sixty-year-old vines from the iconic Penfolds winery have been ripped out and destroyed, leaving some local residents seeing red. ... ds-winery/

I was pretty shocked to see this, half of the 5 hectares of 60 year old vines being completely ripped out and replanted - the scale and apparent urgency this is happening doesn't seem to exactly tie in with the public line that it's all part of standard ongoing maintenance/rejuvination. If it was a few rows/blocks per year I would understand, but half the vineyard, with the scale of the bulldozers destruction in full sight of the visiting wine lovers/tourists?
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