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Postby michel » Fri May 24, 2013 10:17 pm

Buzz wrote:
Antonio wrote:
candyflip wrote:I'm with you Adam - to me its the highest end Theatre Restaurant in Melbourne - minus the chicks in bawdy medieval costumes, or fangs and capes.

By the seventh course, you're stuffed full and unable to think clearly anymore. The booze prices (all of them really) are crazy.

If I had the money, this would not be my 'good time' choice for a slap-up feed or celebration dinner...

but good luck to them - as you say, wildly popular...
I am really sick of massively over priced wine lists...2 examples, VdM and Grossi Florentino.

They have the model wrong. I dont mind spending the money if I can drink something with a reasonable markup, I dont mind paying 2x retail, I do mind paying 3-4 times.

I had a table at Grossi and I cancelled, I simply could not find a single wine that actually interested me to drink that was less than about $600.

I look forward to going to a fine restaurant knowing I am in for a treat on the wine front. I cannot get excited about going to Grossi and drinking $10euro italian reds for $150, or a bottle of Dalwhinnie Shiraz for $110-140.

Its a disgrace. Be reasonable, the wines will sell, mark your trophies up if you just want to keep them for show...but at least have some stuff in the 50-200 range that is reasonably good value and good drinking, preferably from the country of origin that your food is from.

Absolutely agree. Dined at VdM ( as a guest)- 2 people-2 cocktails, 1 bottle of exellent Barolo-and food:- $940.00
Happy to have had the experience but could not agree more with Adam- the business model re wine mark up is all wrong- It really is a "look but don't touch" experience-
AND $10 for an espresso (Please)
It is theatre, it is an experience, and I want to rate EXCELLENT, but..... overpriced wine list, $10 espresso's and Seasoning on food that was really razor's edge =bordering on overseasoned- and this from a bloke who is known to enjoy some tomato with his salt.
For a trip to the other side re food construction- Embrasse much better value (though it must be said totally different vibe)

We rocked up to Embrasse with booking & they threatened to turn us away - until we showed them our Leroy 2001 & 2002 & old coche white& 55 ausone
We were ushered in no probs
I dont see that wine on their lists :scratch:
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