Bistro Molines, Hunter Valley

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Bistro Molines, Hunter Valley

Postby waiters friend » Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:09 am

Location – Bistro Molines LICENSED but also next door to Tallavera Grove wines and some of their wines deservedly appear on the wine list.

Cuisine: Unashamedly French in the more robust style.
Service: Knowledgeable and flexible.
Food: Yes, please. They know what they are doing.
Value: As an indication, around $250 for three including moderate wine. VFM for this quality.
Ambience: Picturesque. Views over countryside and Cessnock.
Glassware: Matched to the wine.
Wine list: Balanced. I was able to select a Majella Cabernet wit my venison.
BYO Details: Not likely
Offline Prospect: Depends on whether you can do a deal with Robert. Also, Robert's doing quite nicely, thank you, so I suspect an offline would be very expensive in corkage. But, you don't know if you don't ask.

Score: 17/20
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