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BYO restaurants

Postby waiters friend » Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:54 am

There has been a number of posts referring to lists that were created some time ago, and also some posts around BYOs in given cities.

Is it time to reassemble a list of current BYOs in each city, and identify the following factors (in no particular order):

1. Quality of glassware
2. BYO cost per person or per bottle
3. Style / quality of food
4. Quality of service, including wine service
5. BYO certain nights only? Also, combination BYO / licensed?

Any thoughts on how to do this are welcome. I know that Dan Clarke originally put a set of parameters around posting on this part of the forum, but I would see value in assembling an easy-to-access guide to good BYOs in each city, without having to trawl through every post, and that can be added to. Can Excel with filtering be used on this site?


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