Melbourne (Croydon - outer east) - Casalinga BYO and LIC

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Melbourne (Croydon - outer east) - Casalinga BYO and LIC

Postby bendid » Tue May 15, 2012 12:55 pm

Location – Melbourne (Croydon - outer east) - Casalinga - BYO and LIC

Cuisine: Italian / Swiss
Service: Attentive and personable, there when you need them.
Food: Fresh and balanced, good ingredients and great flavours, nothing over the top.
Value: E: $14-17, M: $23-35
Ambience: Could be a little noisy with a big group, but not too crowded.
Glassware: Decent size red glasses, looks like they have pinot type glasses too. Wait staff gave fresh glasses with each bottle opened.
Wine List: Aussie focussed, decent prices but nothing too exciting
BYO Details: Mon - Thurs only, $5/bottle
Offline Prospect: Pretty good. Stems were good size and staff seemed to appreciate wine service (wine list notwithstanding). Only other issue is it's a bit far out for most.

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I'd been here a couple of times but not for a few years, and had previosuly not been that impressed. Seems they have revamped the place and got a new menu working which was a big upgrade. Didn't really rate the wine list but BYO a plus (Mon-Thurs), and sure you could organise a wine dinner there that would work fine. Great to find somewhere near home with good food and service. Would happily go again (and probably will).
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