Moo Moo Bar - Brisbane

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Moo Moo Bar - Brisbane

Postby Warren » Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:37 am

Edward Street, Brisbane
Name Moo Moo Bar

Four of us, Sunday lunch.

Cuisine: Modern Australian /Steak, with big emphasis on top end, expensive.

Service:OK, nothing to rave about. By the end of the meal there had probably been more than five servers, sometimes repeating each others patter and sometimes contradicting the one before. And there is nothing more frustrating at the end of a meal than trying to catch the waiter's eye to get the bill as was the case here. After 15 minutes we stood up and went to pay at the front desk. Presented with a bill, which was hastily withdrawn, redone and presented with a different (higher) total. Very curious. This would be OK at the local coffee club, but not at a high end expensive venue

Food: Reasonable. The four of us shared a 1kg whole rump. Asked for medium rare, but it arrived as medium (being generous here, it was close to well done).

Value: Expensive especially in the light of the poor service.

Ambience: We were parked on the balcony, under a loudspeaker which played loud music. Began to irritate after a while.

Glassware:OK nothing really special.

Wine list: Runs to 10 odd pages. Listed by variety. Reasonable (in number but not in price) "by the glass" list. We were not there for a boozy lunch. Which, once the staff worked this out, was probably the reason for the crap service.

BYO Details: Doubt it and didn't ask.

Score: Sad to say it was disappointing. There is little that irritates me more than a purportedly good restaurant that treats customers with distain. (In this respect it is very similar to Char Char Char, a block away. If you are not in a suit, looking like spending the afternoon there, sculling big, expensive reds, then they are not interested and are happy to let it show). Which is all a great pity. Especially because there are times when I am willing to spend up really big.
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