Brown Sugar - Bondi

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Brown Sugar - Bondi

Postby Rooman » Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:00 pm

Brown sugar has become my favourite BYO in Sydney for several reasons, not the least being because it is a 300m walk from home on the way to Bondi. It also services some of the best French/Mod Aus style foods for a BYO restauarant in the Eastern Suburbs. There's a good reason its been packed the last two times I have been there recently on a Tuesday night when other restaurants in the area are empty.

1. Quality of glassware - definitely not Riedel but also not glass tumblers. Basic slightly thick tulip shaped glasses.
2. BYO cost - $12 per bottle
3. Style / quality of food - French/Italian mix, veal shanks with parsnip puree, porcini pasta, eye fillet steaks with deglazed sauces. Very much French bistro style and in winter hearty. Mains are low $30s but large with no need to order side dishes. The last time we did order sides, we ended up leaving them on the table untouched.
4. Quality of service - great service, friendly no adverse reaction to BYO
5. BYO - all week from what I can establish
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