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Title: Alchemy fails badly
Restaurant name Alchemy (Licensed)
Location Brisbane CBD

Cuisine: Modern Australian
Service: Disappointing - slow, inattentive. No capability to deal with a problem
Food: Amongst the group the view was varied the best that could be said was that it was adequate. Steak- tough and the restaurant would not take an order for medium rare (strange but true). Beef cheeks a bit dry and over salted.
Value: Poor
Ambience: The aircon was not working properly or if it was it was inadequate
Glassware: Stemware is good.
Wine list: Good but bordering on expensive. We chose some of the more expensive wines (see comment below)
Offline Prospect: I wouldn't bother - see below.

Score: (optional): Very disappointing

The story:
A group of us had dinner at Alchemy. The service was very poor and the number of wait staff were not enough to manage.

The real issue was with the wine: We ordered several wines over the evening. For one particular red (Rockford Basket Press) a second bottle was ordered. The wait staff didn't offer a taste nor did they offer clean glasses for the new bottle. I had not had a pour from the first bottle and so had a clean glass for the first pour of the second bottle. One sniff was enough to know straight away that it was badly corked. Then took 20 minutes to actually get the attention of wait staff. They declined to look at it and insisted on calling the manager. Another 10 minutes passed before the manager arrived. He denied that there was anything wrong with the wine explaining that it was a different vintage. No amount of discussion or persuasion would convince him otherwise. He declined to sniff or taste the wine saying that he didn't know anything about wine. Eventually after a somewhat heated discussion, he offered to consult the sommelier. Another 10 minutes later the manager returned (we never did get to speak to the sommelier) and confirmed that the wine was faulty.

So in all it took nearly 40 minutes to persuade a restaurant that they had served a corked wine.

And also: this is a restaurant that will willingly serve a faulty wine provided that their customers don't know any better. In my opinion this is not acceptable.

I subsequently contacted the restaurant and also Rockford by email. Rockford called me back and we had a very positive conversation - full marks to Rockford. Alchemy management/owner replied by email saying basically that I should suck it up.

I will not be returning to Alchemy and I would strongly discourage anyone else from doing so.
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Re: Alchemy

Postby michel » Tue May 19, 2015 8:58 am


that is terrible mate.
they must be on the skids big time.

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